Reactive softaware

Software developers are interesting people. Although everyone strives to become as good in his job as possible, this seems to be especially true for software developers. At softaware our programming skills are not only improved by the projects we make, but we also have internal training from time to time. Everyone working here can and is encouraged to become a trainer, you only need to be enthusiastic about something that you want to share with your colleagues.

Meine künstliche Intelligenz.

Katze oder nicht Katze - das ist hier die Frage.

Letztes Jahr wurden die Cognitive Services im Rahmen der BUILD-Konferenz vorgestellt: verschiedenste APIs, die künstliche Intelligenz und Machine Learning nützen, um unseren Apps das Sehen, Hören, Sprechen und Verstehen zu erlauben. Auch heuer war wieder ein guter Teil der BUILD-Keynote den Neuerungen auf diesem Sektor gewidmet.

How we built our website

After several months of work we’ve released the new version of our website We decided to set up the relaunch project just as a modern software project: based on agile principles and development tools. One consequence: we didn’t wait for the 100 percent solution until we went online: as soon as the new version was valuable and better than the old version, we let it go.

Sieh die Welt mit anderen Augen

Die HoloLens ist das neue Tech-Gimmick aus dem Hause Microsoft. Wenig verwunderlich, dass die software-affinen Entwickler aus Asten unter den ersten in Österreich sind, die die Brille besitzen und testen.

Testing at softaware

Our applications are tested both manually and automatically. We write unit tests for small parts as well as function tests for larger parts of the application. We found function tests to be quite time-consuming and error-prone to write. That’s why we created a tool which eases the pain of writing tests for larger parts of an application and we named it MvvmTester.